Google Analytics is an approved tool for the use of tracking website analytics by official Texas State University entities. It is authorized by Information Security for this purpose. The Web Governance Committee manages permissions and the creation of Google Analytics (GA4) accounts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Logo

What is it?

Google Analytics is a powerful, free data analytics tool offered by Google that tracks and reports on how users interact with your website in order to evaluate the performance of content and design. 

If you would like to have a better idea of which pages your users visit the most, this guide describes how to request data analysis for review or access data and tools. 

Google Tag Manager

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What is it?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an approved tool for the use of tracking and measurement of marketing and communication efforts by Texas State University web entities. It is authorized by Information Security for this purpose. The Web Governance Committee manages the integration of GTM for the university CMS websites and the creation, implementation, and permissions for all GTM accounts.

Account Governance Process

GA4 and GTM Governance Process

The process describes the arrangement between the Web Governance Committee, with stakeholders from Information Security, Office of University Marketing, the ITAC- MWS teams, and any University partners in relation to accessing unique, site-specific GA4 accounts.

The Web Governance Committee retains the responsibility for all University accounts, profiles, views, and filters within Google Analytics or GTM. The Web Governance Committee will always have administrative ownership of all Google Analytics and GTM accounts and reserves the right to remove anyone’s access at any time.

Requesting GA4 Data

Accessing Google Analytics (GA4) data

If you would like information about how your web pages are used, please email In this email, include the following information:

  • the site owner and manager
  • the site section(s) you need data for
  • the type of data you need - see Google's list of data available
  • the reason you need this data
  • how often you would like to receive updates on this data
  • how long you will need to receive the reports for

Requesting a Pixel Placement within GTM

Pixels for marketing efforts such as advertising must be approved by Information Security before they can be placed in your site's GTM. Please email with the following information:

  • the site you need the pixel placed on
  • the pixel name and parent company (e.g. Facebook Pixel is a Meta property)
  • the reason you need this pixel placement
  • the name of the agency or 3rd party working with/for marketing (if applicable)

Transitioning to GA4

Beginning in June 2023, web analytics provided by Google will be housed in GA4 and they will no longer be created under the Standard Universal Analytics code.