Vote Campaign

The VOTE Campaign was a major initiative in 2020. The goals of this project were to increase voter awareness among students and the greater Bobcat community, push voter registration, provide vital information and drive voter turnout across our two campuses in two different counties. University Marketing was tasked with creating a time-sensitive, nonpartisan integrated marketing and communication campaign that included both print and digital elements. 

The entire UMarketing staff was brought in to contribute. Immediately, our team recognized the importance of being bold and daring; we wanted students to feel just as emboldened and motivated to participate in the voting process.

Our aim was to ensure that not only was the content engaging but also direct and highly informative. Our web designer and digital content strategist delved deep into researching the types of resources and information that would not only garner website visitors but also lead to real-world action. Our social media coordinator devised an exceptional social campaign that included delivering content on the university‚Äôs primary accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Vote Campaign logo
Vote Campaign logo 2
Hays County had 16,429 more registered voters compared to 2018.
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Vote campaign Texas State home page
2,000 more in-person voters on the first day of early voting.
vote campaign I voted stickers
hand holding a vote campaign sticker
man wearing a vote campaign sticker.
Hays County became the first county in America to surpass its 2016 turnout.
vote campaign poster on glass door.
Vote campaign poster displayer on a digital sign.
Vote campaign poster displayer on a digital sign 2
Hays county saw record voter turn out at 71.58%, the highest since 1992.
Vote campaign tweeter page on computer screen.
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girl holding vote sign above her head.
girl holding vote sign.
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Team Members

Digital Content Strategist
Social Media Coordinator
UI/UX Designer
Graphic Designers
Project Manager
Assistant Vice President
Associate Director
Assistant Director
Copy Editor


Areas of Expertise

Copy writing and editing
Web design 
Content creation 
Graphic and print design
Social media strategy 
Video and photography