Virtual Commencement

The spring 2020 and fall 2020 Virtual Commencement projects were the first of their kind and took a multidisciplinary, multi-department effort to effectively execute within a limited timeframe. University Marketing played a pivotal role in creating a digital content strategy, multiple websites and numerous videos; promoting the event through social media campaigns; generating customized graphic design elements; and developing the aesthetic of the virtual environment for the event.

Our spring 2020 and fall 2020 virtual commencement websites saw more than 18,000 users and had nearly 43,000 page views. Additionally, visitors were provided a livestream of our first in-person ceremony since the pandemic began.

22,157 click on Main Ceremony video
Virtual ceremony web landing page.
Virtual ceremony webpage on three cell phones.
33,746 webpage views.
2 instagram post.
2 more instagram post

Team Members

Assistant Director
Assistant Vice President
UI/UX Designer
Digital Content Strategist
Graphic Designers
Copy Editor
Project Manager
Digital Video Specialists
Social Media Coordinator

Areas of Expertise

Web and user experience design
Graphic design
Writing and editing
Video production
Social media strategy
Cross-functional collaboration