Case Study: The Conversation

Texas State University partnered with The Conversation, a nonprofit global news organization, to raise the public profile of our school and our faculty, who are a trusted source of research and expert information.

Tweets from The Conversation U.S. and The Meadows Center

While The Conversation’s platform has worldwide reach, we needed to recruit faculty members with expertise across a variety of fields who were willing to lend their time and knowledge to write articles on topics relevant to current events and popular interest.

Internally, we launched a new webpage to facilitate faculty participation and answer their questions. As each faculty article was published, our digital team seamlessly spread the word through each of our social media channels, ensuring exposure to our native audience of alums, donors, students, and the extended TXST community.

Whenever the subject matter lent itself to visual storytelling, our video team stepped up to create even more content.

Far faster than we dared hope, The Conversation has generated the equivalent of millions of dollars of advertising brand exposure.

Publications that Picked Up our Conversation Stories

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