Return to Campus Campaign

For the outstanding planning and preparation of our administrative and health leaders at Texas State to be effective, we had to have the attention, trust and buy-in of everyone in our university community — students, parents, faculty and staff. For University Marketing, that meant creating a multilayered communication strategy. Digital messaging was key, but environmental work was important, too.

In planning and execution, we had to be flexible and dynamic. Information evolved from day to day, new support measures were announced for students, and long-term plans were adjusted with each change.

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Impressions: 656,468
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Impressions: 221,295
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Total Impressions: 1,302,533
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Team Members

Assistant Vice President
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Assistant Director
UI/UX Designer
Digital Content Strategist
Social Media Coordinator
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Areas of Expertise

Multimedia campaign development
Content strategy
Social media strategy
User experience design
Video production
Action-oriented messaging
Peer collaboration